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Biometric Solutions Johannesburg | Johannesburg Biometric Solutions – #2

If you are looking for biometric solutions in Johannesburg we can assist with the following services:

With fingerprint access control Johannesburg and worldwide success, our biometric scanners Johannesburg will greatly enhance your company and ensure a much greater control of your business. Our biometric access control systems Johannesburg solutions link the different functions of a company together from biometrics devices Johannesburg, administration and all forms of operation. Fingerprint lock Johannesburg and costs will be saved as our fingerprint identification system Johannesburg are able to automate capturing all essential details of the operation of your business, eliminating the need for constant overview and biometric system Johannesburg.

We make the process of integrating a biometric fingerprint scanner Johannesburg for your business hassle free by overseeing all stages of installation, implementation and troubleshooting. Our team is on constant standby and we guarantee a year round maintenance and operation of your biometric system. Information is always at your fingertips as our biometrics system will provide you with consistent and immediate reporting. When needed, all reports and activity will be instantly available.

For employee management, our biometrics system allows you to track all clock in times and employee activity through shift allocation as well as all breaks and attendance. A sturdy system is in place to prevent employees clocking in on behalf of others.

Access control is essential for security. This feature allows the management of people in and out of the building and ensures that no unwanted personnel or visitors gain unauthorized access. Our system enables all relevant personnel to have complete control over all locks, whether electronic or magnetic, booms, gates and the like.

There is no limit to the amount of staff, customers and visitors that can be logged onto the biometrics system. This can range into the thousands. The highly advanced communication link between the system will alert managers of any attempted breach or interference with the device in question.

Fingerprint identification system Johannesburg is not only kept on the server but on the device itself. Biometric scanners Johannesburg is simple and fast with built in USB ports that allows for speedy downloading of all saved data in the event that the biometrics devices Johannesburg cannot be accessed for whatever reason. Fingerprint lock Johannesburg and output ports allow you to link the devices to third party control panels that effortlessly integrate with your existing biometric access control systems Johannesburg.

An added biometric system Johannesburg benefit of having a fingerprint access control Johannesburg is that you are able to have offsite monitoring capabilities and can securely and confidently control your premises from literally anywhere in the world for a biometric fingerprint scanner Johannesburg.

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