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If you are looking for biometric solutions in Johannesburg we can assist with the following services:

Kocom intercom Johannesburg provide you with a comprehensive Access Control solution that provides information and authority to help run your businesses more efficiently can be as important to a bottom line as it is to security. Wireless intercom Johannesburg electronic Access Control solutions help you protect an organization’s members and premises and help manage and streamline security responsibilities. With Integrating top of the range video elements, we can install, maintain and upgrades standalone systems, networked enterprise-wide systems or hosted systems to offer a full range of customized Access Control solutions we offer you.

Wireless intercom Johannesburg serve all types of our customers, from a small business operations to large corporate campuses, from growing retail chains to complex warehouse and networks, and by Using our Access Control solutions in a emergency situation, intercom installation Johannesburg customers are able to remotely administer and control access to multiple facilities, as well as activate a full high end synchronized and centralized lock-down capability.

B school intercom systems Johannesburg offer you a wide range of products including:

• Sliding gate motors

• Swing gate motors

• Garage door operators

• Traffic barriers

• Remote controls

• Keypads

• Top of the range access control systems

• Intercom systems.

Intercom Johannesburg access control company invests considerably in its Research and Development programme with a crack team of fully qualified engineers and by using the latest computer aided design tools to constantly research new and innovative products for you to add to the range of upgrades and existing models and develop tools and jigs for its manufacturing facility.

Intercoms systems Johannesburg access Control Systems are designed to keep your employees and your buildings secure all year round. Look for an access control solution that provides basic security features such as card management options and 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance tools. You also want to ensure the system will limit access to specified individuals and is not used as just a basic lock.

Sometimes more advanced systems provide internet-based monitoring options. This allows administrators to monitor specific areas of their building using an internet connection as well. Additionally, many of the best solutions we provide are biometric scanner options.

These tools are most often used in higher-security areas of your facility and make it difficult for access to be transferred. Many popular biometric scanner options include iris scanners and fingerprint scanners. When looking for the best access control system, you want a solution that can handle your building’s needs and we are the answer for your access control needs.

Many systems will only cover a certain number of doors and users. Be sure to choose our systems that meets the needs of your organization. Many companies also provide easy-to-install directions so you can install your system without any problems. If you are unable to do so, we will provide professionals who will install the solution for you. Our system experts will also provide training to ensure you get the most from your access control system.

The best access control systems video intercom Johannesburg provide has activity reports on your employees. It will track your employees, Our systems will provide activity and allow you to see exactly where they spend their time and see if they are accessing unauthorized areas. Additionally you can receive customizable reports such as information regarding your building’s security, like alarm details, and open and close hours and more.

If problems or concerns arise while using our access control systems we provide, you can Email, telephone and live chat support options we have available. Mmircom intercom Johannesburg also provide resources online to help you find answers on your own, including video tutorials, educational documents and FAQs sections.

We are the best biometric solutions company in Johannesburg so give us a call at 073 271 0341 today!

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